At Chalkbeat, we want to help build informed and engaged local communities.

To hear about upcoming local events, sign up for your local Chalkbeat newsletter. Or, visit the following pages to see all upcoming local events: ChicagoColoradoDetroitIndianaNewarkNew YorkPhiladelphia and Tennessee.

If you’re hosting or attending an event that your local education community would want to know about, let us know! We’ll help you spread the word by listing upcoming events on our website and newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why promote events through Chalkbeat?

We reach thousands of parents, students, policymakers, teachers and other education professionals daily through our journalism. We want to give these community members opportunities to connect, which is why we list some upcoming events on our local community homepages and feature all event listings on our daily newsletter.

If you’re looking for more visibility for an event and want to consider other sponsorship opportunities, check out our sponsorship opportunities and contact our sponsorship team at

What type of events do we promote?

We promote events that are directly connected to schools or target parents, students, teachers and other education professionals.

Here are some examples:

  • Your school’s upcoming Parent-Teacher Association meeting
  • Education opportunities or activities for parents, teachers and children
  • Community events, like school plays, fairs, festivals or storytelling nights
  • Open school board meetings or political debates
  • Continuing education programming for ed professionals
  • Career fairs or education-related networking events
  • Workshops for dealing with trauma

If you’re not sure whether your event fits this category, submit it! Our team reviews all event submissions to ensure they align with our mission and code of ethics. For example, we do not promote events that specifically target groups other than the aforementioned, political rallies in support of a candidate, strictly religious events or other events centered on a social or political issue not rooted in fact.

How long will my event appear?

Event listings expire the day after the event occurs, at which point we remove them from our website and newsletters. Events appear in date order, so that the soonest events appear at the top of the list.

What if I don’t have an RSVP link for my event?

We require an RSVP link or other URL for all event listings, so that our readers can find more information about an event, such as the location, time and other details. If you do not have an RSVP link, you can create one using a service like or include a link to your website, a public Facebook post or wherever you’re sharing more information about an event online.

When will my event listing be posted?

Events are subject to approval and may take up to five business days to be published. Once published, they appear in reverse-chronological order in our newsletters, so that readers can see the closest upcoming events first. They also appear in a searchable guide on our website. If you’d like to reach more Chalkbeat readers by sponsoring our website or newsletters, contact our sponsorship team for a proposal.